Deep Root Fertilization

At Mesa Tree Service Pros, our certified arborists offer deep root fertilization as a service in order to keep your trees in optimal health. The fertilization process includes an actual injection into the tree’s roots and is designed to achieve the very best health benefits for your trees.

We recommend setting up a root fertilization treatment throughout the year in order to keep your trees in optimal health. The benefit of staying consistent with this treatment is to help prevent harmful bug infestations and other tree diseases and ailments.

Deep Root Fertilizer Injector

With proper fertilization, the trees’ roots are benefiting from increased levels of nutrition and oxygen which will be in the soil surrounding the tree. With these kinds of soil conditions, your trees can benefit for years to come and maintain their beauty.

If you are interested in getting your tree’s roots treated, we recommend contacting us for a professional consultation with a certified arborist here a Mesa Tree Service Pros. A regular root service treatment plan can go a long way in sustaining the long-term health of your trees. If you’d like to know more about fertilization costs we recommend giving us a call today for a free quote and we’ll be happy to help you.

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