Palm Tree Trimming Service

We absolutely love our palm trees in Arizona! These trees help to give Arizona an iconic look and they also require a professional tree maintenance service to keep them looking great. The Mesa Tree Service Pros will keep your palm trees safe from diseases, malnutrition, and insect infestations.

Palm Tree Doctor

The longer you’re here in Arizona the more you’ll notice the change of colors on the palms; eventually going from yellow to brown. It’s at this point when we recommend that you get the palm trees trimmed up and looking fresh. This assists with your palm’s natural growth pattern and allows for new healthy growth to take place.

There are a few palm trees that don’t require trimming (royal and foxtail for example), their fronds shed once they die. Mesa Tree Service Pros’ team specializes in palm tree care here in Arizona. Our prices are the most competitive making our quality work affordable and satisfactory.

Palm Services
As we have mentioned before, proper nutrition for your palm trees is absolutely critical and has many benefits including disease control, aesthetics, and strength against adverse weather and storms. We have special treatments to ensure your palms are getting the right nutrients to make sure they’re being fed properly. Call us today if you’d like to know more about palm tree cutting and how we can help.

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